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Runes by Marcelle Gosselin
Runes bijoux
Runes bijoux
Pour consulter les runes
Question these Runes as the Vikings did in the past ; this Jewel bears the answers.
Ask a question which should be specific and not answerable by “yes” or “no”:
“What attitude to adopt…?” “What result to expect…?”
“What turn of events …?” “In what context …?” …
Touch your Runes with your left hand, hand of intuition. Allow your fingers to stop at random on a Rune. In the enclosed lexicon, consult the page corresponding to the Rune you’ve chosen and let the words inspire you in finding an answer to your question.
For a in-depth investigation, select 3 Runes at random, as stated above
The first Rune will help you identify the origin of the issue, the second its present situation, the third its evolution.
The Past remains, the Present is here, it’s yours to fashion the Future.
Runes - le père Runes
The deer | the leader of the herd
Freedom | wilderness | instinct
Virility | strength | ardor
Potency | fertility | reproduction
Action | movement
The creator | creativity | creation
Father’s authority and help
Mastery | maturity | wisdom
Abundance | prosperity | patrimony
Runes - le père Runes
The rainbow | the bridge | go back in time
Delve into the past | search for the initial cause | hidden reality
Caution | silence | reflection
Doubt | duality | illusion | warning
Ask | question | find | accept | assume
The symptom | the diagnosis | the summing up
Face fatality | change the course of destiny
Intuition | authenticity | asceticism | harmony
The path to wisdom | return to nature | the healthy life
Life’s work | the child
Runes - le père Runes
Available strength
Male energy, without ambiguity
Determination | action | speed | effectiveness
To experiment | to build
To conquer | to win | to conserve
To be alert | to defend oneself | to fight
Beware : lack of diplomacy !
Impulsiveness! | aggressiveness! | brutality!
“Anger is a poor counselor”
Runes - le père Runes
The realm of the spirit | the conscience
The wind | the breeze | the air
To rise | perceive new perspectives
Time to reflect | meditate
Inspiration | poetry | song
Dialogue | communication | education
The power of words
Diplomacy | avoid the word that wounds
Intellectual freedom
Freedom of expression
Runes - le père Runes
Sense of honor
Valiant warrior| chivalry | bravery
Rituals | ethics | loyalty to ideals
Strength | Steadfastness | courage
Movement | travel
The path is set | the road is open
The wheel turns | the runes | the oracle | “third eye”
The judge | justice | protection | honesty
A noble heart
The prolific man
Runes - aptitude Runes
All is possible | you can
Unexpected possibilities
Decisive upheaval
An opportunity to seize and use
A new impulse | a new direction | an advantage over others
Implementation | strength | power
A royal path and royal outcome
A noble heart | a generous soul | moral virtues
Potency | sexuality | offsprings | continuity
Healing | joy
Runes - le père Runes
The quest of the absolute whatever the price
Seek the truth | face reality
Find what is missing | reorient | restructure
Recognize ambivalences | antagonisms
Reconcile water and fire
Understand the enemy | make friends with the enemy
Find a balance between “good“ and “evil“
Deal with the crisis | come to terms with the devil
Don’t look for evil everywhere | regain unity | coherence
Runes - aptitude Runes
Fatality | destiny moving on | the hour has come
The main point |“First thing first”
Baptism of fire | face it with courage
Concentration | vigilance
Adaptation |changing methods
Realism | concrete acts | visible results
Negation | night | infinity | void | subconscious
Death/rebirth | darkness/light
Detachment | wisdom
Runes - le père Runes
The man standing upright | verticality | integrity
The real identity | the individual | the ego
Cold | Ice
Self awareness | autonomy | independence
“You hold the solution”
The goal | the appropriate attitude
Effectiveness | loyalty | willingness
Self assertion | act your part | live your life
Reach universal harmony
The backbone | the Kundalini
Runes - aptitude Runes
To rise | bird’s eye view
Eagle’s eye
Become aware of a second path
Search one’s heart
Make immediate decision
Change the course of destiny
Audacity crowned by success
Act nobly | the gift from the heart
Concern for the weaker
Assistance | intervention | sacrifice | abnegation
Runes - le père Victory
The sun | the thunder | lightning
Victory or defeat hangs on a thread
The art of fencing | speed | cold blood
Tension | dynamism | contrast
Fluctuate | soothe | reach agreements without disavowing oneself
Illumination |discovery | awakening
Warmth | fusion | kindred soul
Decisive step | victory over oneself
Runes - aptitude Runes
Standing at a crossroads
Tensions | divisions | contradictions | ambivalences
Choices to make | objectives to reach
Follow your heart | find your way
Find a target and stick to it
Be one with one’s goal | zen attitude
Change the course of history
Rebirth to a new life
Everything becomes possible
Runes - le père Runes
Femininity | maternity
Something lies in wait, is in gestation
Conception | expectancy | birth
Choosing a name
Motherly love | maternal care
Dependency | shelter | refuge
Mother’s hold | weaning
The cycle of life | rebirth
The child | the brainchild
The imagination | the ideas
Runes - aptitude Runes
Your life and the course it takes
Water runs | winds | rushes
Dive into your past | sum it up
Does your life slip through your fingers ?
Must you channel it ? Redirect it ? Open the floodgates ?
Let inspiration and intuition guide you
Irrationality is in the air
Enlightment | radiance | creativity
Free flow | vitality | growth
Life | love | peace
Runes - le père Runes
The human being | mankind
Fraternity | solidarity | collaboration
Man as sender | as receiver
Man in touch with the universe
Man who questions checks | understands | stays objective
Man who chooses | receives | offers | hands down
Man who works | plays | dances
Man who greets | escorts | protects
Man who hopes | prays | implores | blesses
Man who evolves | faces new challenges
Runes - aptitude Runes
The earthy nature of man
The right time to seduce or be seduced
Vital impulse | sensuality | creation
Listen and accept messages
Abandon yourself but don’t loose your head
Stay alert | the paths are hazardous
Avoid being victim of seduction
“The beauty of the devil“ | “the flesh is weak“
“Descent into hell“
“Back to earth“ | relief and newfound peace
Runes - le père Law - Runes
See beyond appearances
The deep meaning emerges
Avoid hasty decisions
Keep an open mind | interpret signs
Warnings | omens | mysteries | psychic powers
The true understanding | obviousness
Fundamental and necessary nature’s law
Sense of responsibility Commitment | union | marriage
Faith | the sacred
Runes - aptitude Runes
Innate sense of happiness
Seize the moment | grab your chance
An important phase of life
The opportunity becoming reality
Experience combined with enthusiasm
Disconnect | mission accomplished
Take your time | go on vacation
Contentment | peace of mind | serenity
Return among kin | feel in the midst of things
Full bloom | abundance | protection | “Eden”